junk removal areasInstead of charging a little bit for this and a bit more for that, we have one flat rate price for everything, depending on where you live.

Of course, the Lords of the Dump demand more tribute for certain things, like tires, refrigerated appliances, mattresses, box springs, hide-a-beds, tar shingles, and drywall. Why drywall, you ask? Good question. Damned if we know! Also, wood with nails bigger than 6″ or rebar (landscaping railway ties) is classified as garbage so a load of that will cost extra. The one other exception is carpet…if you have a single rug it’s no big deal, but a load of carpet is seriously heavy and we charge extra for that because of the weight and classification. Oh yes, and paint/chemicals have to go to a separate location, so we add that as well. You probably don’t have any of it, but now you know!

  • Tires (no rims) $5 (on rims) $35 (this is what the dump actually charges, believe it or not!)
  • Refrigerated devices (including water coolers and air conditioners – anything with coolant) – $15 ea
  • Mattresses, box springs or hide-a-beds – $8 ea
  • Drywall – $280/ton or about $5/sheet (big loads of 100% drywall will be charged dollar for dollar what the dump charges)
  • Shingles – same as drywall
  • Railway ties/landscaping wood with rebar or 6″+ nails – $1 ea
  • Paint cans/buckets – $1 ea ($5 minimum)

Our flat rate for Greater Vernon and Coldstream is $180 per load plus tax* including everything. That’s it. Except for the exceptions above, we don’t add dump fees, mileage and all the sneaky little fees that our evil competitors charge (they might not, but they might…you never know).


How much junk can we carry?

Lots. We use Old Betsy – a full size three quarter ton truck with high sides, and we’re not scared to pile it to the top. Betsy can carry a load 4 feet by 8 feet by 5 feet high, so that works out to…let’s see…16,000 square feet! Just kidding…it’s only 160 square feet, but how much junk can you have accumulated anyway?

Keep in mind that Betsy is a pickup truck, so it can’t be 160 square feet of lead bars or Betsy will break and we’ll be sad.


Where do we work?

In addition to the Greater Vernon and Coldstream areas, we’ll go anywhere within 50 kilometers of Vernon, including Lumby, Armstrong, Westside, and Ottawa. Ok, not Ottawa, but we’re geographically challenged so you might talk us into anything. However, Betsy is thirsty and it takes more time, so we’ll have to charge extra for trips outside of the Greater Vernon area. Except Ottawa, which may cost a bit more, depending on headwinds.


* Premised on us being able to back the truck up to the load. If the load has to be hauled or collected from another location(s), and as a result takes more than half an hour to load, we charge $35/person/hr, with a one hour minimum. We rarely add that on except in the cases of cleanups, but it’s a great incentive for you to localize the load in a location we can back up to. Oh, and if you sort it out according to wood, metals, junk, we’ll give you a hug…unless we’re really dirty, in which case we’ll wave vigorously.